SNU Laser Laboratory at Seoul National University, led by Prof. Yoonchan Jeong, explores the outer reaches of photonics science and technology, especially, in high-power and high-energy regimes. The research foci are on developing innovative lasers and photonic systems and also on providing novel and powerful solutions to the related applications. The main research interests include Generation of High-Power / High-Energy Photons, Photon-Photon / Photon-Electron / Photon-Phonon / Photon-Matter Interactions, and related many interesting applications, such as Coherent Beam Combination, Supercontinuum Generation, Superradiance, Random Lasing, Remote Sensing, Lidar, OCT, Laser Materials Processing, etc.


  • New student H. Jung joined the SNU Laser Laboratory in 2021.

  • SNU Laser Laboratory won ‘Best Research Laboratory Award’ at Photonics Conference 2019.

  • K. Park and J. Na won 'Best Poster Award' and 'Best Paper Award' at 2018 ICAIT held in Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

  • K. Park won the 'Best Poster Award' at COOC 2018 in Daegu with title "Brillouin scattering induced transparency and slow-light effect in As2Se3".

  • To commemorate the first International Day of Light, optical seminar was held under the auspices of the OSA Student chapter at Seoul National University on May 16, 2018.